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We give webgoalz brings top notch professional & practical training courses in PHP and MySQL to the students. The course focuses on making you industry ready. This is achieved by covering topics which are useful for real world scenarios in contrast to the bookish knowledge that is imparted in colleges and training institutes.

The immediate and most important benefit for a candidate is the increase in market value of the person who takes this course and boost his/her career for web development. The students aquire expertise in the field of web development, especially PHP programming which is in great demand today.

Training Methodology
We pay attention to every individual student and the concepts are taught in easy to learn language. The training scheduled is explained in detail at the start of course. The course is conducted strictly as per the schedule. Students are given home assignments for each week that must be completed in allocated time span.

Training Output
At the end of this training course students are expected to exhibit strong foundation knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Students will stand better career development prospects in PHP programming.

Training Program
  • WG-Introductory Program: HTML + CSS + JavaScript + Basic PHP + MySQL
  • WG-Expert Program: HTML + CSS + JavaScript + Basic & Advance PHP + MySQL + Live Project (at end of the course)

Internship Programs
Come work with us. We offer internships from time to time to students and professionals of variable durations.For more information email us on mail@webgoalz.com

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